The Human Account Exhibition for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


The Human Account ExhibItion

Financial health project launch for Dalberg Design + the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


The Human Account project—an 18 month-long research project focussed on investigating the financial health of people in six developing countries (Pakistan, India, Myanmar, Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania)—culminated with a launch event on October 25th, 2018 in NY. Alexia was brought in to champion her exhibition and experience design skills and help the team at Dalberg tell the human stories behind the 35 segments developed during the course of their holistic research process.

Exhibition Design / Visual Design


Conceiving various opportunities for interaction

The exhibition welcomed visitors to learn about the project through 4 different zones. Each zone played a role in enabling the inclusion of in-depth human stories, along with the ability to give visitors access to robust data sets, and provide a framework for them to understand the 18 month-long research process. A set of icons and actions were designed for the way-finding elements which were strategically placed to guide the visitors through the various zones.


Alexia’s role

Under the guidance of Dalberg’s lead designer, Melanie Kahl, Alexia iterated and prototyped a handful of interactive proposals for the exhibit. Once a direction was established, her main goal was to create a compelling visual and experiential strategy to bring to life the human stories behind each of the segments developed by the research team. The portrait stand elements—which were organically displayed through the central part of the space—allowed visitors to interact with the humans representing the varied segments face-to-face. Each telling a compelling story along with the supporting data.


Ideation + production

The process of ideation and iteration created 3 distinct directions, leading to the final structure of the exhibition to suit the launch event space. In the final exhibit it was paramount for the different zones to work in tandem in no specific order, so that visitors could flow freely through the space and explore the information at their desired depth. Here’s a peak into the ideation brainstorm sessions, presentations, prototypes and production charts.