Bivvi, Blaze + Spark: Exploring Pleasure For Women In The Outdoors


bivvi, blaze + spark

Exploring pleasure for women in the outdoors

Bivvi, Blaze and Spark is a collection of flashlight/vibrators designed specifically for outdoorsy women. By framing these as part of the essential kit for outdoor adventuring, they make pleasure an essential part of womanhood too.

Product Design / Physical Prototyping


The challenge

Through Alexia's research process—through conversations with many women actively participating in outdoor activities—it became clear that women are dissatisfied with the approach that the outdoor industry has taken to designing for them, as it usually defaults to what people call the "shrink it and pink it" attitude. This collection responds to Alexia's desire to work at the intersection of design for women in the outdoors and designing around women's needs that are typically deprioritized.


Features + inspiration

The set was conceived as a speculative object to provoke questions around the topic. Here, Alexia wanted to design an essential item whose physical appearance reflected the badass nature of the women that inspired her thesis. A vibrator provided the perfect platform to start thinking about what women-specific items for the outdoors might look like. After all, pleasure is an essential part of life, and it shouldn’t be secondary to women’s lives.

The three vibrators/flashlights were prototyped and paired with slogans based on outdoor adventuring puns: Bivvi: find the perfect spot is the smallest and looks like a speckled rock; Blaze: find your way to pleasure features a cracked pattern of greens over a boomerang shape; and Spark: fun shouldn't end at lights out is a mix of military greens over a smooth shape that fits perfectly in the palm of the hand. The forms, which are soft, delicate and curved, are contrasted with a variety of colors and textures that make them look rugged and powerful; just like the women they are designed for.


Prototyping process