Stabile Bread Lame



Bringing Stability to the Bread Scoring Experience

The Stabile Bread Lame is a bread scoring tool designed to provide a steady and smooth cutting experience.

Products Design / Physical Prototyping


The Challenge

As an avid bread baker Alexia became frustrated with the bread scoring tool she was using: the sharp blade was precarious to load and once installed the blade would move around and at times even come off during the scoring process. This being one of the most satisfying and creative parts of the process, she decided to design and make one that would solve these challenges.


The Solution

The opportunity presented itself in a Physical Product Design class at SVA, which prompted students to re-design a tool that would inspire hand work. Alexia quickly started sketching on paper and iterating forms in blue foam. The smooth curve transitions on the grip were meant to emulate the smooth cuts often seen on bread. The curves would also help make a more comfortable grip. For securing the blade she explored the use of magnets and screws, but ultimately decided to use a hinge on the tip of the tool as it provided the safest and most secure way to install and hold the thin blade in place. 


Scored & Baked

an alphabet made of bread

The typography project—for Alexia's Graphic Design class at Products of Design—presented itself shortly after the Stabile Bread Lame was made so Alexia decided to go on a two-day baking spree to showcase her passion for bread baking and play with her favorite part of the process: scoring the bread. Once the scoring was done on the unbaked bread dough, the baking process would dictate the final letter form. As you can see below, some of the breads yielded more dramatic letter forms than others.

Typography / Visual Design



After baking 26+ loaves of bread, over a period of about 24 hours, it was time to photograph the results to create the poster. Here is a peak into the entire process.