MOVE: A Set of Design Products for Protest

move: a set of design products for protesT

MOVE is a set of design products—created by Alexia in collaboration with her classmates Lassor Feasley and Will Crum—for organizers, revolutionaries and dreamers to make their message heard. The flat-pack gear includes foldable megaphones, floating lanterns, and customizable signs that can be decorated on the go.

Alexia, Lassor and Will were inspired to design for protesters by the contemporary zeitgeist around political expression, as well as their perception that this growing community had a wide array of unmet needs. To verify these suspicions, the team interviewed a handful of politically active individuals who were frequent protesters, organizers, or both. This process uncovered a host of insights into the various needs of the community—ranging from day-of-protest issues to pre- and post-event logistical headaches for organizers. Ultimately, they decided to design against a single insight:

"More and more people are coming out to protest these days—but when critical mass grows so quickly, a movement’s message may easily become diluted, distorted or confused.”

This permitted the team to focus their ideation around vehicles of at-event expression. Constrained by the other needs of event organizers—budgets are small, what you bring is what you can carry—the concept of the flat-pack megaphone was born. The rest of the product line, and the MOVE brand itself, grew out from this initial seed.


MOVE’s products are designed to be inexpensive, lightweight, portable, and recyclable, because an activist’s message should lift them up—not weigh them down.


Clients choose from a menu of compellingly unique form factors and can either design the graphics themselves, consult with MOVE’s in-house designers, or leave the customization up to the protesters—with the help of MOVE’s on-site mobile customization station.

The most comprehensive version of MOVE’s service is their mobile customization station, which brings blank or co-branded signs to your rally—along with pens, stamps and stickers—to give protesters a space to craft (and consider) their message.

Organizers are free to design the graphics for their signs directly from the MOVE website, but are also invited to get input from the in-house creative team. 


The team tested out their products at Refuse Fascism—a recent protest of the Trump administration. Here are some pictures of the designers and protestors putting the products into action.

MOVE’s product line of innovative signage is constantly evolving and always eye-catching. Whether it’s the classic folding megaphones or something brand new, MOVE signs are guaranteed to turn heads.

Here are some of the team's early sketches below.