GamiBloom Lamp


GamiBloom Night Light

GamiBloom is a night light inspired by Origami, the art of paper folding. As a tabletop light, the flowering top provides various degrees of light depending on the way the folds are manipulated. It was created for the curious user to interact and play. The felt is slightly translucent effectively diffusing the light and creating a calm mood.



For the first prototype a pattern was made based on an Origami basket template and cut on the laser cutter out transparent plastic. It was then stitched together using a light fabric. Unfortunately, this first iteration did not allow much light through, it was also a bit too flexible and did not hold its shape very well. In order to get a stiffer feel that could hold its own Alexia decided to make the folding parts in thick felt connected by stitching and copper rings, this provided the right amount of rigidity and flexibility. The base of GamiBloom has an array of bright LED bulbs fixed onto a reflective piece of plastic at a distance from the felt for optimal diffusion. A wooden octagonal box was created to enclose the wiring and hold the pieces together. Here is a peak into the making process.