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Speculative Objects

Last week we started ideating speculative products that relate to our thesis'. In this post I share with you one in the form of a design provocation to start the conversation about gender roles in our society.

As you might know Time magazine published a campaign they titled FIRSTS to honor women who are breaking barriers through their achievements. To be clear, this is a great article that I greatly enjoyed discovering and I am 100% for honoring women and their achievements. My provocation comes in the form of flipping the story, what if we spoke of men in this way? people would think we were joking, right? When we honor men for their achievements we honor them as humans accomplishing great feats, and the focus is not on their gender. As women though, our gender always comes first, the achievement or milestone second. This is unfortunately a result of the gender roles we inhabit and I am incredibly happy these women are carving a big hole into these roles.

Time magazine made 12 covers featuring some of the women in the article, these are the 6 fictitious TIME Magazine covers I designed in response which feature fictitious characters, with tongue in cheek remarks.

Alexia Cohen