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You are invited to look through my blog to see the evolution of my thesis year at SVA's Products of Design as it progresses.

Speculative Objects

Last week we started ideating speculative products that relate to our thesis'. In this post I share with you one in the form of a design provocation to start the conversation about gender roles in our society.

As you might know Time magazine published a campaign they titled FIRSTS to honor women who are breaking barriers through their achievements. To be clear, this is a great article that I greatly enjoyed discovering and I am 100% for honoring women and their achievements. My provocation comes in the form of flipping the story, what if we spoke of men in this way? people would think we were joking, right? When we honor men for their achievements we honor them as humans accomplishing great feats, and the focus is not on their gender. As women though, our gender always comes first, the achievement or milestone second. This is unfortunately a result of the gender roles we inhabit and I am incredibly happy these women are carving a big hole into these roles.

Time magazine made 12 covers featuring some of the women in the article, these are the 6 fictitious TIME Magazine covers I designed in response which feature fictitious characters, with tongue in cheek remarks.

Alexia Cohen
Hello World, this is Future Female

I have just started my thesis year at SVA's Products of Design and I wanted to keep a blog as way to document my process, my thoughts and some of the events I am attending. As a bit of background I offer my first iteration of my thesis title and description here.

Future Female: Defying Gender Norms Through Risk and Adventure

The women’s movement of the 1960s propelled much needed change in our society, but even today, 50 years later, women still struggle to be heard, to earn equal pay, and to be recognized for their achievements. Inspired by women who are making headway in the great outdoors, competitive sports and activism—all activities which require embracing risk and a spirit of adventure—this thesis will develop a suite of design interventions including service platforms, physical products, experiences and digital products to empower women everywhere.


I just came back from a summer full of reading on adventure and feminism. This is a sampling of some of reading I have done. I am specially looking forward to using risk as a material for design and empowerment as well as exploring activism as a form of adventure.

The good news is women and their achievements are the hot topic right now, and I am excited to have chosen such a timely topic. These are two encouraging campaigns I have seen recently:

Time Magazine - FIRSTS: Women Who Are Changing The World

Outside Magazine - The New Icons: The Future of Adventure is Female

I leave you with one of my favorite quotes from my summer reading.


Polls show that what women fear most from men is violence, and what men fear most from women is ridicule.
— Gloria Steinam, My Life on the Road