Alexia Cohen is a Venezuelan-Belgian-American multidisciplinary designer living in New York. A recent graduate of the Products of Design master’s program at the School of Visual Arts, Alexia is eager to apply her design thinking abilities to question, reframe and solve a diverse set of challenges through the use of a holistic tool set.

During her time at Products of Design Alexia was able to leverage her background as a jewelry maker and educator to further develop her skills as a designer by engaging in projects involving the human-centered design methodology, design for social impact, service design, business modeling, experience design, user interaction, speculative futuring and the design and development physical artifacts. 

As an avid climber and outdoors-woman Alexia focused her thesis work on exploring women’s role in the great outdoors, yielding a suite of design offerings that are meant to honor, amplify and celebrate women’s position within this space, ultimately arguing for a more inclusive and diverse outdoors sphere.

Interested in working with Alexia? please e-mail her at: cohen.alexia@gmail.com

Alexia's Resume